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The steamboat society was formed in 1965 to try to preserve for posterity the then threatened steamer BOHUSLÄN, delivered in 1914 and the West Coast's last passenger steamer. By selling initial shares of 100 kroner to the public, we managed to collect the 60,000 required to buy the ship from the owner, the scrap dealer.
The formal owner is the Steamship Economic Association (ÅEF). 

After intensive refit work, the steamer returned to its old waters the very next summer. Ever since then, BOHUSLÄN sails every summer in the waters she was once built for, modernized where such requirements are made, but otherwise restored in all essentials, and with engine and boiler in original and saloons almost as on delivery in 1914. 

Become a member of Sällskapet Ångbåten

The steamboat society has about 1,100 members. You can also become a member! It costs only SEK 250 per year to be a steamboat friend. In addition to supporting the association, you receive the nice member magazine Ångbåten 4 times a year. You also get the opportunity to work as crew on our ships, or otherwise actively work in the company.

The easiest way to become a member is to pay SEK 250 via postal order 62 16 06-3 or bank transfer 673-6862. Write "New member", your name, your address and your telephone number and preferably your email address on the voucher. It is also possible to pay via the internet. Then, for example, write your name and "New member" in the text box. Then email your details to our member registrar:

Ferry 4

Sällskapet Ångbåten also disposes of steam-powered FÄRJAN 4, built in 1920 and the last of all steam ferries in the port of Gothenburg. The "Fyran", which remained as a reserve ferry until 1970, is owned by Gothenburg's Maritime Museum, while the Society is responsible for "preserving the ferry in serviceable condition".

Many tasks in the association

We are like a small shipping company and have to handle everything ourselves. From the machine with maintenance and maneuvering, via the foreman and kitchen, the bridge with officers, to the deckhands who must always be at hand. So is administration and marketing. Yes, there is a task for every man and woman with the heart in the right place. Send another email och berätta vad du vill  hjälpa till med!

Styrelse i Sällskapet Ångbåten

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The Steamboat Economic Association (ÅEF)

The Steamboat Economic Association (ÅEF) owns the steamboat Bohuslän. The association was founded on December 15, 1965. ÅEF is an economic association with a board that includes a representative of the Steamboat Society. Sällskapet Ångbåten is responsible for the operation of the steamer. ÅEF sold shares of SEK 100 each to raise money for the purchase of the steamer Bohuslän from the scrap dealer and thereby save her from being scrapped.

ÅEF has since continued to sell shares for SEK 100 as well as "large shares" which are delivered if someone orders 10 shares. The share certificates for SEK 100 are in A4 format, while the major shares are in A3 format. The share certificate is in some parts a facsimile of a "Share certificate in Marstrand's Nya Ångfartyg Aktiebolag of the year 1876".

Since its inception in 1965, ÅEF has sold 7,116 shares (of which 600 as major shares), which has so far brought in a total of SEK 711,600. In 2018, 93 shares were sold. The money received from the sale of shares has, in addition to the purchase and thereby the rescue of the steamer, also paid for the installation of toilet facilities, a new stove in the galley and a new women's toilet in the engine room. Even today, shares can be bought for SEK 100, with an addition for administration, packaging and postage of SEK 50. You do this by depositing SEK 150 (ordinary share) or SEK 1,050 (large share) to plusgiro 89 80 53-4. Enter the name and address of the person who will hold the share. If several shares are sent to same address, the supplement is only SEK 50. Ex: 3 x SEK 100 + SEK 50 = SEK 350.


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    +46730-68 47 08 (Charter Ferry 4)

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    Bank giro: 673-6862
    Plusgiro: 62 16 06-3 
    Swish 123 335 2945

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