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The tour lists for 2024 are now available for both ships

Bohuslan and Ferry 4

Next trip, Ferry 4


We receive lots of lovely pictures!

Do you have your own to submit to us?
email to:

Here is our standing request

We want to be more members!
Members as well as those active on board one of our ships - if you know someone/some - so send this greeting.

As for active people - everyone is welcome, regardless of whether you have a lot of sea experience or are just interested.
This applies to the machine, deck and superintendent.
Get in touch then we will pilot you right on board.

Chairman Sällskapet Angbåten

Fridge magnets

We have, new for this year, a nice fridge magnet for Ferry 4.

Most Mondays between 1100-1400, at our premises on Ringön, Stenkolsgatan 1C - certainly it is a suitable address 🙂 - we are open in our "Steamboat kiosk".

Or you send an email to then I will arrange to send by post for the postage cost.

There are also some left at Ångaren Bohuslän, see picture which one.
They cost SEK 40/piece.
Available both in the "kiosk" and so they can be sent.
The magnets are 8 x 5 cm in size
(Information possibly answering machine)
Tel: 031-701 77 54 
(charter BOHUSLÄN) 
(charter FÄRJAN 4)
Tel: 0730-68 47 08 
(Treasurer of the Society)

Orgnr 857204-0254
Bank giro: 673-6862
Plusgiro: 62 16 06-3
Swish 123 335 2945

Sällskapet Ångbåten
Stenkolsgatan 1 C

The steamer Bohuslän
Bohuslan's home quay
At Stenpiren
Ferry 4
The ferry's home berth
At Ringöverken